Cash for Gold

How do we buy pre-owned Gold?

We have been purchasing gold for over 30 Years. The Gold Jewelry items are valued based upon the gold purity of the karat and weight of the item. We determine the karat of the jewelry by locating a stamp (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k) and by acid/scratch testing the item. The karat informs us as to what percentage of the jewelry is pure gold. We weigh the gold and calculate how much the gold is worth at today's current market price.

What Percentage of my jewelry is pure gold?

10 Karat is 41.7% gold and is usually marked/stamped with 417
14 Karat is 58.5% gold and is usually marked/stamped with 585
18 Karat is 75.0% gold and is usually marked/stamped with 750
22 Karat is 91.7% gold and is usually marked/stamped with 917

Sterling Silver?

Check your items for the words "Sterling Silver" or the numbers 925. Sterling Silver is actually an alloy which contains 92.5% Silver and the remaining 7.5% is a harder metal usually copper. Sterling Silver Knives, Candlestick Holders, and some other items have handles or bases that are plaster covered in a thin layer of Silver.

If you have any questions, just stop in or give us a call! Remember, all we can do is make an offer, you have the ability to accept the offer or not accept the offer.